He holds a degree in Political Science with a degree in sociological sciences Cesare Alfieri Institute at the University of Florence and then served in the military as an officer of the 3rd Brigade missiles ” Aquileia ” Italian Army in Portogruaro . He then played a publicist since 1975, working with various magazines on UFO-related article.

Since 1960 he started looking for any possible documentation or information on the alleged UFO phenomenon . Founder in 1967 and several times president of the National UFO denominataCentro (CUN) Italian which is still spokesman and director of its magazine .

It has one of the largest archives in Europe and documented on the UFO phenomenon and since 1967 , representing the CUN , has participated in numerous radio and television programs . He has thousands of articles and 34 popular works dealing with UFOs some of which are translated in other languages.

Amateur astronomer in his honor , he was headed in the ” Minor Planets Catalogue” the asteroid PINOTTI 12470 – 1997BC9 discovered January 13, 1997 dall’astrofila Maura Tombelli of the Amateur Astronomers Group of Montelupo Fiorentino.

UFO Studies

The theory of the Great Game

Roberto Pinotti is a firm supporter of the thesis for which we do periodically visiting extraterrestrials . On the back cover of his book UFO: Contact factor , for he says: “The presence of extraterrestrial intelligence that regularly visit our planet is now scientifically proven.”

Pinotti has also proposed a solution to the paradox of Enrico Fermi ( briefly : ” If aliens exist, because they are not already here ? ” ) . The hypothesis of Pinotti is that humanity could find itself in a sort of Indian reservation under an agreement called “The Big Game” (The Great Game), which was signed between the governments of Earth and alleged ET beings , so as not to reveal their existence if not gradually.

Pinotti believes that this agreement could be explained with the intent to prevent anomie that could result from failure of the assumptions of the real planetarium, as well as the immediate futility of traditional values.

Italian alleged UFO crash in 1933

In 2000, during an annual symposium on UFOs in San Marino has announced that it has received from an unknown source of the material, subsequently published , “archives fascists UFO ” , about a flying saucer that would have crashed near Milan in 1933 (about 14 years before the alleged Roswell crash in New Mexico ) [4] , and the subsequent investigation conducted by an otherwise unknown RS/33 Cabinet . RS/33 This commission would be authorized by Benito Mussolini , and would have was headed by the Nobel Prize physicist Guglielmo Marconi . The ship would have been hidden in a hangar of the Savoia- Marchetti in Vergiate (VA) , and there is no glimmer of evidence of his presence , let alone his alleged transfer in Area 51 in the state of Nevada in the USA . Documents proving the existence of the elusive Cabinet RS/33 would have been told as received from an anonymous source . However, there are absolutely no actual evidence , or from the archives of the time, which mention the existence of the commission . Therefore, only in the world of UFO – or even unanimously – it is believed that such a body actually existed .

Scholar of prophecies

In 1982 Enza Massa, the Journal of the Mysteries of Florence, discovered in the National Central Library of Rome illustrated manuscript called ” vaticinia of Nostradamus ” , a code of the seventeenth century , it considers partially inspired by the designs of ” vaticinia de Summis Pontificibus ” of Joachim of flower, with illustrations that some believe prophesy future popes. Roberto Pinotti will be joined at the Mass and the scholar Caesar Ramotti for a possible decipherment of watercolors .